Our contact details are:

EIFlexi, s.r.o.
with registered office:
Za Strahovem 339/20,
169 00 Praha 6-Břevnov
ID: 27678849
VAT number: CZ27678849

registered in the commercial register kept at the Regional Court in Brno, file stamp C 51373
Phone: +420 602 513 006

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are text files that store certain information for a limited time. The moment you first access the respective website, your browser automatically downloads these files and saves them on your device (phone, tablet, computer). A cookie contains at least two components, a file name, and a file value. It usually also contains a date when it will be automatically deleted (this is set according to the planned lifetime of the file). There is a difference between session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted immediately after the respective browsing session ends. Permanent cookies will remain stored on your computer for the entire lifetime of the respective cookie files and will only be deleted at the end of that period.Cookies are intended to make it easier for users to visit websites and to make their visits more user-friendly. Cookies save your preferred settings and if you return to a certain website repeatedly, they allow the page to “remember” which products you last added to the basket or ensure that the page is automatically displayed in your preferred settings or with your preferred font size.

What types of cookies do we use?

• Technical, functional
These cookies are necessary for us to show you our website and for it to work as it is supposed to (e.g., to show you our content in the settings you prefer – for example in a certain language or to otherwise make browsing easier for you)

• Analytical
These cookies help us analyze how our website works in terms of visitor behavior and adapt and change the website accordingly

• Marketing
Using these cookies, we or third parties can adapt our offer of services after your visit. This offer can then be shown to you outside our websiteYou can find specific cookies and more information about them directly in the table at the end of this section. You can set your consent to the use of cookies on by going to the Cookies Settings page.

Why we use cookies

We use technical and functional cookies on the basis of legislation. Without them, we would not be able to provide you with our services.Analytical cookies allow us to process legitimate interest. But of course, we may not force you to be subject to such processing in any way and you can object to it (use the contact details stated above). You can stop processing these cookies at any time by browsing the website in anonymous mode or by disabling them in your browser settings.We may employ marketing cookies based on your consent. We obtain your consent from your browser settings. You can stop the processing of these cookies at any time by browsing the website in anonymous mode or by disabling them in your browser settings.

How to prevent the use of cookies?

The cookies that we collect to measure web traffic and generate statistics regarding visitors’ attendance and behavior on our website are assessed in the form of a mass whole, i.e., in a form that does not allow the identification of the visitor to the site as an individual.Cookies necessary for the functionality of the site are always stored only for the time necessary for its functioning. You can adjust your browser’s settings to enable the use of cookies to make them more responsive to your needs. Most browsers allow you to accept or delete all cookies or allow the use of only certain types of cookies. You can prevent cookies from being stored on your end device by choosing the “Do not accept cookies” feature in your browser settings.

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