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EIFlexi will manage thegeneration sources of Smart Energies

EIFlexi and Smart Energies have agreed on mutual collaboration. While Smart Energies is primarily engaged in the operation of local distribution systems, EIFlexi focuses on trading on energy markets. The first step of their cooperation is an agreement on the management of Smart Energies’ generation sources. Currently, the sources are connected to the EIFlexi control system and are in the process of being certified for the provision of ancillary services for ČEPS. It namely concerns the provision of 9MW mFRR service.

Smart Energies includes two companies, Smart Energies Distribution and Smart Energies Expert. The main activity of Smart Energies is the construction, operation, and maintenance of local distribution systems (LDP), the energy optimization of buildings, and the construction of adjustable resources, which are used as ancillary services for the ČEPS distribution system. Together, the two companies provide economic, environmental and carefree energy operations.

EIFlexi trades on energy markets and is an aggregator of flexibility on the Czech market with the goal of providing supply ancillary services services for ČEPS. At the same time, it also offers a complete package of services, from the purchase of flexibility from electricity producers and consumers, the purchase of all generation sources, to the supply of electricity to end customers and others.