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SUAS BESS opens the largest battery storage facility in the Czech Republic in the Sokolov region

The SUAS GROUP is continuing to pursue its vision of a future comprehensive solution for energy security and stability throughout the region. Therefore, together with the Energy Investment Fund (EIF, a.s.), it founded SUAS BESS s.r.o. and developed a battery storage facility in Královské Poříčí near Sokolov. With a capacity of 7.45 MWh, it is the largest facility of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The main objective of making battery storage operational is to maintain the stability of the electrical grid and to provide ancillary services for the transmission system operator ČEPS. Furthermore, it will be used for trading on the intraday electricity market.

“The situation on the energy market, the sharp increase in gas prices and its unavailability had a major impact on the fact that not just the Czech Republic, but all of Europe must respond to the need to provide alternatives to traditional sources of electricity production, as well as to be able to cope with outages. In terms of the speed of commissioning and return on investment, we have just evaluated battery storage as the most appropriate way to provide ancillary services within the transmission system," explains Jiří Pöpperl, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Sokolovská uhelná and the SUAS GROUP.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank the SUAS GROUP for their flawless work. It's amazing how quickly we were able to build the battery storage facility. The whole process, beginning with the initial tender, through preparation, delivery, and connection, took only 7 months. Of course, this was aided by the reliability and professionalism of all involved parties. This battery storage facility is currently the largest EIF project in the Czech Republic, and its construction is part of our long-term plan. We are pleased that the operation meets our expectations, and we believe that BESS is only the beginning of our long-term collaboration with the SUAS GROUP," says Jiří Strnad, Director for the Czech Republic at EIF, a. s. and Managing Director of SUAS BESS.

Sokolovská uhelná is the general supplier of the entire solution for SUAS BESS. The batteries were supplied by Nimble from Alfen in the Netherlands. The storage facility is installed on the premises of a secure area within the Marie substation, which is owned by Sokolovská uhelná. In addition, the equipment is supervised via CCTV with monitoring staff located at a central station.

“To ensure safe operation, two identical battery storage units were built, both with the possibility of potential future expansion. Each of them is certified for 2.5 MW of power to provide ancillary services. The battery storage capacity forms part of our planned Energy Hub, where existing energy sources of Sokolovská uhelná should be connected, such as a steam-gas power plant, a heating power plant, completed and planned photovoltaic and wind power plants," explains Miroslav Rohla, CEO of SUAS BESS.

“ČEPS has been long dedicated to integrating new technologies into the ancillary services market that are necessary to maintain the safe operation of the electrical grid. One of these technologies that is suitable for system control is battery systems. Their involvement in the service portfolio was enabled by ČEPS starting from January 2021,” says Martin Kašák, Director of the Energy Market Section, ČEPS, a.s.