Experience with and knowledge of trading since 2001.

During his studies, Peter Kajaba founded a small start-up in the western Slovakia, Nitra. Peter is a great visionary, and from the beginning he has been the cornerstone of ENERGY TRADING COMPANY (ETC), a company that has established itself on the market over the years and has become a recognized partner of large energy and trading companies in both Central and Western Europe.
We were the first Slovak entity on the German Energy Exchange
ETC was the first entity in Slovakia to become a member of the German Energy Exchange where we still trade on the wholesale market and actively participate in the physical supply of electrical energy under the transmission systems. At the same time, being listed on the stock exchange allows ETC’s financial derivatives to be traded throughout almost all of Europe.
We founded EIF and merged with ETC
We put together a team of experts who have been working in the energy industry all their careers, people who are passionate about energy, understand their work, have ideas, enthusiasm and know how to find the best opportunities on the market. We have transformed all their potential into the EIF. The EIF is not just a company. What makes up its DNA are the people, their experience and knowledge.

ETC became a member of the EIF Group, which created new opportunities for both companies to expand their portfolios.
An aggregator of EIFlexi flexibility, the largest BESS in the Czech Republic
It was quite a year! We built the EIFlexi flexibility aggregator in the Czech Republic. We aggregate both our own and foreign sources and buy different flexibilities from consumers. Together with the SUAS GROUP, we founded SUAS BESS s.r.o. and commissioned the largest battery storage facility in the Czech Republic with an installed capacity of 7.44 MWh near Sokolov.
BESS in Slovakia
A similar battery storage project to the existing one in the Czech Republic is currently underway in Slovakia. Through a separate SPV, we built a battery storage facility with an installed capacity of 4.4 MWh near Svit. And we are not going to stop there – several other projects are in the pipeline. We will keep them to ourselves for now, but we will share them with you when the time is right.
Together with EIF, we built a battery storage facility. I am very pleased to work with people who understand what they do and know energy. Together we were able to come up with solutions that make sense.
David Najvar
Deputy Chairman of the Board
We have launched several projects together. A professional approach, deep knowledge, a team of people who understand their work – that's why we chose EIFlexi. Trust, compliance with agreements and professionalism are important to us. Put simply, EIFlexi fits this description.
Pavel Hakl
Smart Energies
Most of us have been involved in the energy sector for decades. Our experience is mainly connected with the activities of transmission system operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Don’t expect to find a corporate model here. We are a select team of professionals from across the energy sector who know the market in which they operate.
What characterizes our work the most is our values, which run through everything we do. When we say something, it's true, we mean it and you can count on it. We know that trust is easily broken and difficult to build, which is why we care so much about maintaining it.
We realize that every customer is unique. We do not bring cookie-cutter advice to the table; we bring tailor-made solutions. We think about the specific context. We treat each client individually. We believe that only in this way can we bring you the best results.
We have been operating on the market since 2001. We are part of the Energy Investment Fund. Today, the EIF Group consists of 7 companies operating in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to the support and background of EIF, we are constantly developing and improving. We are not afraid to look for solutions where others cannot see them.