we are strong individuals,and when we come together, we are eiflexi's greatest asset And driving force

Most of us have been involved in the energy sector for decades. Our experience is mainly connected with the activities of transmission system operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Don’t expect to find a corporate model here. We are a select team of professionals from across the energy sector who know the market in which they operate.
What characterizes our work the most is our values, which run through everything we do. When we say something, it's true, we mean it and you can count on it. We know that trust is easily broken and difficult to build, which is why we care so much about maintaining it.
We realize that every customer is unique. We do not bring cookie-cutter advice to the table; we bring tailor-made solutions. We think about the specific context. We treat each client individually. We believe that only in this way can we bring you the best results.
We have been operating on the market since 2001. We are part of the Energy Investment Fund. Today, the EIF Group consists of 7 companies operating in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to the support and background of EIF, we are constantly developing and improving. We are not afraid to look for solutions where others cannot see them.

Peter Kajaba



It was in 2001, when Peter, while still studying, decided to found a small start-up in Western Slovakia, Nitra. Peter is a great visionary and since the very beginning, he has been the cornerstone of ENERGY TRADING COMPANY (ETC), a company that has established itself on the market over the years and has become a recognized partner of large energy and trading companies in both Central and Western Europe. Since its foundation, the main and only focus of the company has been trading in electricity and its derivatives. Thanks to a correctly chosen strategy, the ability to adapt to new conditions in a timely manner and openness to new opportunities, the company was able to start its third decade on the market. In 2021, ETC became a member of EIF Group, a.s., which opened up new opportunities for both companies to expand their portfolio.

Jiří Strnad



Immediately after graduating from the University of Economics in Prague, Jiří headed to ČEPS where he seized the opportunity to get to know it through and through. At ČEPS, he was mainly in charge of international trade and related market services. Under his leadership, the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian daily electricity markets were connected through market coupling. After 15 years of walking in step, Jiří crossed the border and promoted the interests of SEPS in Slovakia for 4 years. His main focus was on the development and integration of markets, the development of dispatch management and, to an extent, the implementation of European legislation. After twenty years of working in state-owned companies, he expanded his repertoire to include the private sector and modern energy. He is now successfully applying his know-how at EIF, and especially at EIFLEXI, where he is in charge of flexibility aggregation projects. In his free time, he runs the ČSEF platform.

Energy is what we live for.
Each of us has been involved in energy industry almost all of our entire professional career.

Kateřina Hamzová

Marketing & Communication


At ETC, Kateřina is in charge of marketing and communication of the EIFlexi and FLEXIGATE brands. In her free time, she organizes the Czech-Slovak Energy Forum conference and at the same time leads the Czech section of the ČSEF platform. In 2021, she decided to take a peek under the hood of modern energy and joined forces with the Association for Energy Accumulation AKU-BAT CZ, where she leads some of the marketing activities and educational programs. She was the editor-in-chief of Energetika magazine for almost 10 years. As an editor, she also participated in the publication of two articles: Effective Combustion of Fuels and Personalities of the History of Energy. She graduated from the University of Economics in Prague.

Vladimír Lazar

Senior Energy Manager


Vladimir is an experienced project manager who has worked in the energy industry for nearly 30 years. After studying at VŠB - TU Ostrava, he focused on the implementation of IT technologies in the energy sector, with a focus on energy market liberalization. He has participated in more than 70 successful projects not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. His domain is the area of technical design, implementation and management of customer projects. Over the years, he has worked for Severomoravská energetika, SIEMENS and Landis+Gyr. For the last few years, Vladimir has been familiarizing himself with ČEZ distribution, to finally become a member of the EIFlexi team.

Jan Buršík

Project Manager


Honza is a nuclear physicist by original education, after his studies he chose Energy industry as his life's field. In 2007, Honza started at CEZ, where he worked in acquisition opportunity evaluation and monitoring of target markets not only in the Czech Republic but also in Poland, where he was tasked with obtaining a detailed overview of the market, which he subsequently used to support the evaluation of acquisitions. Furthermore, within ČEZ, he worked in the Asset Management of the Dukovany and Temelín nuclear power plants (NPP) and in the long-term operation department, where he was primarily responsible for the project to renew the license to operate the Dukovany and Temelín NPPs. After those projects were finished, Honza looked around for an interesting topic for some time until he discovered it in the emerging flexibility aggregation market. And that is why he finished his career with ČEZ after more than 16 years and joined us at EIFlexi.

Juraj Vatľak

Head of Dispatching

Jana Petráková


Matúš Frlička

Head of Trading

Ivona Rapsová

Contract Management

Matej Krajčovič

Trader & Analyst

Simona Kuchyneková

Scheduling & Confirmations