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who we are
We are a provider of ancillary services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are a flexibility aggregator.





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We are a part of the EIF GROUP

We aggregate your flexibility

We integrate your energy sources and assets into our portfolio and transform them into an ancillary services for ČEPS. Through the management of your electricity generation or consumption, we will ensure additional income for you.

We invest in the energy sector

With our partners, we invest in energy sources such as diesel generators, MVE (small water plants), BESS, and others. We are interested in brownfield and greenfield acquisitions. Realize your investment project with us!

We buy energy sources

Whatever sources of energy generation you own, whether renewable or non-renewable, we will buy energy from you and offer you the best price on the market.

We provide electricity supplies

Let us provide you with an energy supply price for your industrial area or manufacturing company. Our commercial dispatching service operates on all relevant electricity markets.

We optimize energy portfolios

We will propose the optimal energy portfolio in the areas of energy consumption, generation and supply that will reduce your electricity costs. Discover your energy-economic potential.

We trade in electricity

We also focus our activities on trading electricity in continental Europe. We have full access to the short-term and long-term financial electricity markets and the EUA.

And we do it simply

We will propose the best business strategy for you and sell you electricity at the best price.
As a group, we operate on all markets – energy, cross-border capacity and electricity balancing regulation.


and optimization

We analyze, evaluate, and optimize your company’s available flexibility.



We integrate your flexibility into our portfolio and trade it either on the ancillary services market or on the energy market.



Through the EIF dispatching center, we will ensure the activation of the ancillary services and the purchase/sale of electricity in real time.


and invoicing

We will provide you with an evaluation of ancillary services and reporting activities. Invoicing takes the form of self-billing.


We know what we're doing

We have been operating in the energy sector for decades. We are a select team of professionals from across the energy sector who knows the market they're in.

Before we do anything,
we listen

No one knows your company as well as you do. Before we start working on a solution proposal, we do everything we can to find out as much as we can from you.

We think and experiment

The energy sector is a traditional industry. However, we are not afraid to try new things that will bring better results. We do not give cookie-cutter advice; instead we bring tailor-made solutions.

We like to share our knowledge

We will explain all our steps to you. We do not hide anything. If you have any questions, we are here for you.

We rely on facts
and numbers

We do not base any solutions merely on impressions. We rely on data and numbers. We measure and report everything in a form that you can easily understand.

We are a long-term partner

If we say something, it is true, and we sincerely mean it. We are always in contact with our partners, and they know they can reach us at any time.


We work with industry leaders in our sector. Join the ranks of our many satisfied clients.

What is flexibility?

The potential to purposefully change generation power or electricity consumption in your operation.

Where can we find flexibility?

We can find flexibility almost everywhere, through buildings, small, medium, and large enterprises, heating plants, to electricity producers. Cogeneration units, diesel generators, battery storage, etc. can also be a source of flexibility.

Who is a flexibility aggregator?

An entity that uses flexibility from a larger number of producers and/or consumers and transforms it into standard products that it then offers on different electricity markets or ancillary services. In most cases, it takes responsibility for the deviation on behalf of these producers/consumers. It is a trader with generation/consumption of flexibility.

What are ancillary services?

The so-called ancillary services are used to ensure the power balance between the generation and consumption of electricity. Activating these services creates energy regulation. You may also come across the term control reserve. A control reserve is a device that has an available power range and is ready to change its power output and supply balancing power based on activation. However, the activation of the control reserve and the creation of energy regulation may not occur. We can compare the control reserve to an option for energy regulation. To regulate the power balance, ČEPS ensures sufficient energy regulation by activating control reserves, i.e. by activating ancillary services.

We want to provide our flexibility, what does that mean?

The EIF Group is currently dealing with flexibility of 400 kW and more per metering point. The availability of flexible power is affected by several factors (e.g., the price of electricity, the price of input commodities for electricity production, weather, consumer behaviour, the state of the distribution system, etc.). Once we accurately predict sufficient flexibility over time, we identify the correct market where the flexibility can best be traded. Subsequently, it is necessary to create such an operation preparation that ensures the optimal distribution of the traded power to individual resources providing flexibility. Through the control system, our dispatch centre will ensure the smooth operation of the entire source portfolio, including its real-time monitoring. Finally, there will be an evaluation of the delivered flexibility and the reliability of individual sources in providing it.

Do you want to know how your potential could be used?

Most of us have been involved in the energy sector for decades. Our experience is mainly connected with the activities of transmission system operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We know the market in which we operate. Call us, write an email, or fill out the contact form. We would be pleased to meet you.